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Employee Rights in Santa Barbara, CA

Protect Your Employee Rights in Santa Barbara, CA

Protect your employee rights in Santa Barbara, CA, with assistance from the firm of Lauren John Udden. We are knowledgeable about issues ranging from overtime compensation to workplace accommodation for certain conditions. Instead of losing your benefits, turn to us to help you fight for them.

Overtime Compensation and Vacation Benefits

Have you ever worked more than 40 hours in a week or 8 hours a day? If so, were you paid time and a half for those hours? Did you receive all of your vacation benefits at the time your employment ended?

Do not lose your compensation because you let your employer violate your rights. If you feel that your pay does not reflect the work you have done, contact us to discuss the matter.

Wage and Hour Claims, Unpaid Hours, Meal and Rest Breaks

Do you believe you were not properly compensated for all of the work you performed? Were there any hours you worked for your employer which you were not paid for?

Were you provided with an uninterrupted 30 minute meal period whenever you worked 5 hours or more? Were you provided a 15-minute break for every 4 hours you worked?

By law, you have a right to breaks and for proper compensation for your work. If you feel that your rights have been violated in these areas, you have legal recourse.

Workplace Accommodation Issues

Has a physician or psychiatrist put forth any work restrictions for you? Have those been communicated to your employer? Has your employer honored those restrictions?

Are there other accommodations or modifications which the employer has not agreed to or honored?

We can help if you suffer from any kind of disability or issues, which impose restrictions on your abilities. If there is any type of modification, adjustment or accommodation that is needed for you to continue your job, we can help.