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Resolving Wrongful Termination in Santa Barbara, CA

Your employment is a contract between you and your employer. So, when you believe your employer has broken the contract with actions such as wrongful termination in Santa Barbara, CA, turn to Lauren John Udden. We investigate these types of cases, and those involving whistleblower claims to determine if your rights have been violated.

Wrongful Termination

We can help in any issues where your employment has ended and help determine the legality of the termination. Please bring us the history of your employment, how long you were employed, what your position was, and the reasons given for termination. We want to know what you believe was the reason for the termination. Our law firm may be able to provide a non-litigated resolution without a lawsuit or with a lawsuit for damages.

Whistleblower Claims

Has there been a situation where you felt that there were illegalities going on in your workplace? Were you ever asked to engage in any activity which you suspected violated the law? Do you believe that any adverse actions were taken against you because you reported or refused to perform a potentially illegal activity?

If you suspect that there have been illegalities, we can help you. We need to know if you reported to an inside person or an outside agency which may have violated the law.